The desire to build a long lasting socioeconomic model

Oléa Capital promotes a high-yield olive growing industry, economically profitable, ecologically sustainable and socially fair.

Voluntarily, Oléa Capital sustains a public-spirited approach, linking a leader in his activity, the «Aggregator», with small producer groups, called «Aggregated», in order to ensure that the valorization and marketing are mutually favorable.

In each of its agro industrial complexes, Oléa Capital has sized the milling and storage capacities to manage itself its production as well as the «Aggregated» farmers' ones. It also offers its knowledge to ensure training, assistance and technical supervision.

Oléa Capital is surrounded by a spirit of solidarity. Beyond its role of job supplier, Oléa Capital, through the imminent creation of its Foundation, will develop support programs for associations in those areas where it is established.

The concern of a modern integrated farm management…

Our olive heritage is based on a selection of varieties and a growing system respecting the physiology, soil and climate requirements of each variety. The management of our olive fields obeys techniques of trees growing and fruiting, offering adapted forms for its mechanization. This permits optimizing olive grove in terms of quality and productivity, focusing also the competitiveness of the production costs.

The integrated farm management and the enforcement of good olive growing practices on the fields, are the bases of our task to guarantee a constancy in organoleptic qualities of our production.

Oléa Capital contributes on its own way to raise the «olive oil from Morocco» to international standards. The approach of quality and traceability will be, through different certification tools (GLOBAL GAP, ISO 22000, BRC et IFS), the golden rule for all olive groves.